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    Monday, May 16th, 2011
    10:34 pm
    I aten't dead!
    LJ has apparently stopped crossposting to Insanejournal. Will see what I can do about this.
    Sunday, May 10th, 2009
    11:14 am
    In case you've missed seeing it elsewhere, the Ditmar shortlist has been announced.

    For the rest of you, remember: you heard it here last!
    Monday, May 4th, 2009
    12:23 pm
    Not the cruelest month...
    There is a tradition, dating back to Swancon III, that I will always receive something interesting in the mail (or more recently, e-mail) shortly after Swancon that I will wish had arrived before Swancon. This time, it was copies of the new edition of The Lady of Situations, which should be available at Fantastic Planet shortly - along with a few copies of The Art of Arrow Cutting and Shadows Bite which helped me to find (thanks, Jon), and which also arrived after the con.

    I had one new story published in April, in
    New Ceres Nights, which was launched at Swancon in appropriately 18th century coffee-house style. Borderlands Issue Eleven also made its first appearance at the con.

    Apart from that... I finished writing that GURPS adventure, though it ended up being too long for Pyramid, so I'm going to try turning it into a book for e23 and writing a shorter adventure for Pyramid. I had four pseudonymous confession stories reprinted in an anthology (and paid for!). One novel and one short story made it past the first readers and are on a higher plane of uncertainty. Exotic Gothic 2, featuring my story 'Empathy', was shortlisted for the Shirley Jackson Award. All this on top of Swancon, a mentorship, and a mountain of marking.

    I've had worse months. Sadly, it's now barely 10 days to the deadline for Australia Council literature grants, and I still don't have an idea for a novel that I think is worth jumping through all those burning hoops. How's everyone else doing?
    Thursday, April 16th, 2009
    10:09 pm
    Having been a member of the Swancon 2009 committee (albeit the one who made the least contribution by far), and having then spent most of the days behind the Fantastic Planet table rather than at panels or other events, I'm not going to review the con.

    Instead, I give you a link smurched from [info]suricattus: Eric Puchner on the joys of being married to a fellow writer.
    Sunday, April 5th, 2009
    9:13 pm
    Mad March days
    So, it's April already, and I haven't finished or submitted anything new so far this year except for an editorial for Borderlands and a bewildering number of bios for stories that aren't published yet (at least one of which won't be out until next year). I have nearly finished a piece I'm writing for Pyramid, but that's as close as I've come to producing any new work.

    Publications in March: none. Acceptances: none. Rejections: none, but I was told that A Fistful of Data is now out of print and out of stock, which feels even worse.

    And it's nearly time to start writing an Australia Council grant application... assuming I can think of an idea for a novel, and am willing to once again go through a submission process that's about as much fun as having my brain removed through my nostrils but less likely to be profitable.

    Here's hoping I see some of you at Swancon 2009. I'll be spending most of the days at the Fantastic Planet table, but I'm also on panels on 'Writing SF - Tips and Techniques', 'Writing Horror - Tips and Techniques', 'Writing in an Aussie Voice', and 'So Why the Hell Do You Want To Be A Writer, Anyway?'
    9:24 am
    Congratulations to...
    My friend Richard Harland for... well, I'll let him tell you himself.

    Current Mood: pleased
    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    10:20 pm
    Tin Ducks
    Just a reminder that nominations for the Tin Duck Awards close at midnight tomorrow.

    And if you'll forgive a little boasting, I'd like to draw your attention to one of my contributions to WA science fiction last year - I was fiction editor of Borderlands, which brought you Lyn Battersby's wonderful 'As We Know It', which I think should be a serious contender for Best Short Story.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Sunday, March 15th, 2009
    11:26 am
    Smurched from [info]kradical
    Bookgasm's 50 Reasons No-one Wants to Publish Your First Book.

    Creative writing students: take note of #2 and #40. I mean it.

    Current Mood: amused
    Sunday, March 1st, 2009
    7:01 pm
    28 Days Later
    Well, that's February over, and I still haven't finished or submitted anything new this year. I started a new story a few days ago, which I hope to finish this month. I did have one story, 'Watch', performed on Radio National; another, 'Hard Lessons', performed as part of Shadowmuse; and a third, 'The Big Bang Theory Revisited', reprinted in Hope #1. No acceptances or rejections per se, and no new material published. One contract signed. Oh, and I didn't win the Black Quill Award for 'Teeth' either, though I was really pleased to be nominated.

    Since nominations are now open for the Tin Duck awards and will presumably soon be open for the Ditmars, I shall take you back in time to a year when I was writing, and list my eligible short stories from 2008.

    'What Goes Around' (Aurealis #38/39)
    'Teeth' (Clarkesworld magazine, March 2008)
    'Adaptation' (Aurealis #40)
    'Truth in Packaging' (Scary Food)
    'The Veteran’s Tale' (Canterbury 2100)
    'Broken Images' (Midnight Echo #1)
    'Empathy' (Exotic Gothic 2)

    I think the best of these are 'Teeth' and 'Empathy', but since 'Teeth' is available online at no cost while the only people in Australia likely to have read 'Empathy' are Terry Dowling and Rob Hood (and besides, Terry's piece in the book is much more interesting than mine), I think 'Teeth' is the only one with even a slight chance of making it onto a shortlist. So, please: read the story if you think you might like it, but read as many other eligible stories as you can before nominations close. Only nominate those you think are the best - and for the genre's sake, don't nominate or vote for anything you haven't read just because you like the author's other work.

    Thank you. And maybe next month, I'll have some good news to tell you.
    Saturday, February 28th, 2009
    11:29 am
    Useful phrases for the tourist
    Many years ago, a group of inadvertent time travellers in one of my GURPS campaigns tried to use gestures to explain to their Neandertal hosts that in the morning, three of the party were going over the hills to retrieve their vac suits. The Neandertals, not surprisingly, interpreted this as "Please ritually garrote my three companions at sunrise as soon as their out of sight of the camp," and obligingly attempted to do so.

    It's a pity the PCs didn't have access to this.
    Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
    3:14 pm
    Another Bushfire Appeal Appeal
    At the risk of giving free publicity to [info]planetfantastic's competition, I'd like to publicise Borders' project to re-stock the libraries in areas affected by the Victorian Bushfires. To quote from their website:

    Help Borders raise $200,000 for the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Bring in your second hand good quality books or purchase a new book to donate.

    Borders will match the retail price of all donated books up to $200,000, which will go directly to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

    Borders will donate all books to schools and libraries in fire affected communities.

    A dedicated area for book donations will be provided in store from Monday 23rd February 2009.

    12:04 pm
    Heroes for Hope (from [info]angriest)

    Hope is a new multi-part fanzine raising money for bushfire relief in the Australian state of Victoria. It is edited by Grant Watson, with contributions donated by writers, artists and fans in Australia and from overseas. It is supported by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF), and has received assistance fromthe Film & Television Institute of WA, Supanova and Big Finish Productions.

    Issue #1 is now available in a PDF edition inreturn for donations. How much you donate is up to you - a minimum of AUS$5.00 is reasonable.

    If you wish to subscribe to the entire series (potentially it will be five issues long), then a donation of at least AUS$20.00 is recommended.

    Hope #1 containscontributions from Mo Ali, Sophie Ambrose, R.J. Astruc, Lyn Battersby,K.K. Bishop, Matthew Chrulew, Stephen Dedman, Mark S. Deniz, d.n.l, Paul Haines, Simon Haynes, Kathleen Jennings, Ju Landeesse, Damian Magee, David A. McIntee, Simon Petrie, Andrew Phillips, Gillian Polack, Robert Shearman and Daniel Smith. The cover is by Rebecca Handcock.

    Hope #1 contains 46 pages of fiction, non-fiction, artwork, and even a comic book script excerpt!

    You can make a donation to the project via Paypal by clicking here:


    Onceyou've made a donation, please confirm it by e-mailing Grant at, and letting him know whether you were after just the one issue or the whole series as it's released.

    If you're leery of donating directly to Grant, to subsequently donate a huge bunch at once, then e-mail him some kind of receipt or screen capture of your donation to the Australian Red Cross and he will trust you and send outthe PDF.

    Limited print copies are available, if dead trees are your thing. If it's a print copy you're after, let Grant know in your e-mail along with your address (though obviously PDF is preferred to keep the production and postage costs down, but the option is there).

    Please promote Hope on your own LJ or blog - the more the info spreads, the more money we may raise for the people of rural Victoria.
    Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
    10:07 pm
    Movie memories
    I watched High Noon this evening for the first time in... well, to give you some idea: last time I saw it, I didn't laugh at the fact that the villain was named Frank Miller.

    (No, I haven't seen The Spirit.)

    Current Mood: amused
    Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
    10:42 pm
    AHWA Mentor Program 2009
    The Australian Horror Writers Association Mentor Program aims to further develop the depth and quality of Australian horror and dark fantasy, and I have once again put my hand up to serve as a mentor.

    Submissions to the program will be accepted from the 1st to the 28th of February. Please do not submit before that or we will be forced to delete yourapplication. Full details, including how to apply, are available on the Mentor Program page in the Members Only section of the website. An outline of the program is provided here.
    10:38 pm
    More publishing news
    Twelfth Planet Press has just announced the ToC for their upcoming anthology New Ceres Nights:

    • Smuggler's Moon -- Lee Battersby
    • Murder in Laochan -- Aliette de Bodard
    • Fair Trade -- Stephen Dedman
    • The Widow's Seven Candles -- Thoraiya Dyer
    • A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight -- Matthew Farrer
    • Debutante -- Dirk Flinthart
    • Code Duello -- John Hay
    • Dynamics of New Ceres -- Sue Isle
    • The Sharp Shooter -- Sylvia Kelso
    • Suffer the Children -- Martin Livings
    • Prosperine When It Sizzles -- Tansy Rayner Roberts
    • The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere's Heart -- Angela Slatter
    • Tontine Mary -- Kaaron Warren

    Forthose not familiar with the New Ceres shared world, all stories takeplace on (or about) a planet wherein the residents have 'capped'technology and society at the 18th Century level. All work is licensedunder a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5Australia License, which means authors can build upon each others'characters, settings, storylines, and so forth, and there's asubstantial 'non-fiction' component as well, with several articlesexpanding upon the society and culture of the planet. Frankly, it'sbloody interesting stuff, and you can read the two pdf issues of theoriginal magazine here to get a taste of it.
    10:29 pm
    Smurched from [info]mynxii: Bushfire relief
    Eurogamesfest for February is doing a donation drive, details here.

    </a></b></a>[info]angriest is editing a fanzine as a fundraiser for the BBQ event we're running, details here.

    </b></a>[info]cupidsbow also does a round up of several efforts on the go in order to provide relief, details here.

    </a></b></a>[info]sassamifrass is encouraging people to donate to well, as many of their shelters were destroyed and they are currently trying to rescue and rehabilitate many native animals injured by these fires.

    I also want to mention that Daniel Zachariou, who is the Event Director of Supanova (, has offered up several signed posters from past Supanova guests to be auctioned off as fundraisers for the BBQ.

    It's been brought to my attention that the Salvation Army has also indicated a preference for monetary aid as opposed to goods. I'll still enable any goods that are brought in for this getting to them in support of the bushfire relief, but would request that as much as possible I'd like to honour what's been requested by the organisations involved.

    Lastly but not least, thank you to everyone who has contributed in some way to us starting to put together the BBQ and the Fanzine - we're all awed and glad to be part of a community where outreach is so natural.

    Final note, the irony of what kind of event we're running was not ignored - reasoning given here. But in summary chosen for ease of making it all happen, and without anyintent of it meaning anything other than a mechanism to bring people together, in order to make a difference.
    10:04 pm
    Post-Christmas Sales, and other January writing news
    January was not, I must confess, one of my most productive months writing-wise: no new work finished, and no submissions. It was also, like December, a month marked by too many unwelcome obituaries, including those of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and Realms of Fantasy. On the plus side, of course, we were also able to farewell the horror story that was the Cheney/Bush administration and their dark fantasies... but I digress.

    Not writing anything didn't stop rejections arriving (well, one rejection - for 'More Matter and Less Art', which I'm starting to suspect may be unsaleable), nor the contracts or cheques (okay, one contract, for my story in Spells and Chrome, and one cheque, for an article in Pyramid). No acceptances per se, but the publisher to whom I sent a proposal for turning my dissertation into a monograph expressed interest pending some revision and extra research (which, of course, I haven't had time to do). And I had three stories published: two pseudonymously, and one in MILF Fantasies under my own name.

    To sum up: the year's gotten off to a slow start. I promise I'll try to do better in future. Watch this space!

    Current Mood: tired
    Saturday, February 7th, 2009
    11:34 pm
    Missing in action
    I've been too busy marking assignments and working at [info]planetfantastic to do my usual end-of-the-month piece yet, or to do much else... which is one of the reasons I missed the performance of my story 'Watch' on Radio National's 'SundayStory. It's on their website for the rest of the month. (The other reason I missed it was that no-one told me it was finally being broadcast until the next day, when GoogleAlert let me know. The e-mail from the ABC arrived a few hours later.)

    Similarly, I was unable to get to Sydney to see Shades Theatre's Shadowmuse, an adaptation of stories by Deborah Biancotti, Kaaron Warren and Elmina Rudge, and myself - 'Hard Lessons', performed with sock puppets. [info]ashamel reviews it here.

    Current Mood: busy
    Sunday, January 11th, 2009
    7:53 pm
    Smurched from boingboing
    A slideshow of Vanity Fair's portrayals of George W. Bush.

    Current Mood: amused
    Sunday, January 4th, 2009
    12:43 pm
    Smurched from [info]ellen_datlow
    "Edward Bryant is best known as a horror and science fiction writer,with numerous Nebula and Bram Stoker awards for his fiction. He is also known as a reviewer and critic, with his work appearing regularly in Locus Magazine and The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies.

    "Perhaps more important, though, is Ed's reputation as a teacher and mentor. He has been instrumental in the careers of many successful writers and editors, several of whom have gone on to become award winners or bestselling authors in their own right. Because of this and his legendary kindness, Ed is beloved by many people in the United States and abroad, and that is the basis for the creation of this site.

    "Over the last few years, Ed has fallen on hard times due to financial complications from his heart bypass surgery in 2004, a limited income stream, and predatory actions by individuals who took advantage of Ed's kindness. At one point, Ed (who is also a Type-I diabetic) did not have funds available to purchase insulin and was in danger of foreclosure on his house. Thankfully, friends and caregivers stepped in to handle those troubles, but Ed is still facing a long uphill battle to satisfy his financial and medical responsibilities.

    "To that end, a third party trust fund has been set up for Ed at the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities. The PayPal donation button below goes to an account administered by the Colorado Fund. Please consider helping Ed by donating funds to the third party trust using this button. (the buttoncan be found at the bottom of the page Friends of Ed Bryant )"

    As well as being a writer of wonderfully scary stories, Ed is also one of the nicest people I've ever met, a human treasure who I am pleased and proud to count among my friends. Please make a donation, if you can, because I hate to think how long it will be before the US is able to offer all of its people the same sort of affordable healthcare so many of us can take for granted.
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